Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tips for paper recycling in a sectional title housing complex

If you are on the body corporate at your complex, or even if you are a resident in a sectional title complex, consider introducing recycling.

Even if you are living in a complex, it makes sense to talk to your body corporate about recycling your paper.

You can use the income from recycling to offset the running costs of the common property running costs.

Newspaper and magazines are relatively easy to collect from residents living in in a complex. Recycling on a large scale can bring in quite nice money!

Residents can leave a cardboard box outside their unit once they collected some paper. The garden or maintenance staff can move this into a storage area. Once you have enough contact your local recycler and they will collect the paper. Mondi will drop off quite a large paper cage on your property for storage.

However if you are not taking your paper to a buy-back centre, then you will not receive cash for your paper.

Here is where some recycling buy back centres are in Gauteng:

Be sure that the residents only put only what the recyclers want.
Check out

According to Engineering News (March 2007):

"Hunter says a challenge in the recovery of paper is that only 14% of paper is recovered is from householders and 42% from the business sector. This is in comparison to the national recovery rate of 57%."


"The low percentage of paper recovered from households is because individuals tend to throw away newspapers, magazines and cardboard."

So here are some paper recycling links:

Mondi Recycling - Lots of recycling options. - Paper recycling association of South Africa - Not much here - Local paper recycling information

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