Friday, August 1, 2008

Links to Cape Town Recycling Centres

Over the months I am going to provide you with links to local businesses or people involved in all aspects recycling.

The aim is to give you a large reference

The first area I am going to cover is Cape Town.

Recycling Depots in the Cape Town area:

Leanne Proctor is trying to get a group of volunteers together to recycle and re-use:

Businesses in the Woodstock area, involved in recycling:

Virgin Earth will recycle e-Waste (Computers and electronics). They are based in Somerset West:

Bingo Bins, suppliers of recycling bins. You can hire them, but them or use them for an event:

Earthworm farm kits:

Great list of recycling centres:

A Pdf with a list of City Of Cape Town community drop off centres:

Here is a comprehensive list of recycling and buy back centres. All kinds of stuff here.

Household recycling

Buy-back for used cooking oil in the Cape Peninsula area: